Lady in Tech

I'm an internet wizard and I am here to help!

A little bit about me.

Samantha Lippiatt | Internet Wizard

Web development professional, communicates and plays well with others, excellent time management. Highly motivated to create easy to read killer clean code that just works. I love the outdoors, and especially being in the ocean. I have HTML5, CSS, Javascript and ReactJS skills plus years of sales, marketing and remote work experience.

I love the freedom that comes with working remotely, my home base is currently in NSW Australia, however I love to travel and plan to code in far flung destinations as soon as I can. I began my career in tech during the pandemic, wanting to future proof my career opportunities I decided to become an internet wizard.

When I learned how to build my first website from scratch (this one), I realised I had found something that gave me the freedom & versatility I was looking for in my work. Now I've made a full switch to front-end development, where I can use my organisation skills and eye for detail to write clean, elegant code.

Learning next WordPress CMS and PHP | Open to opportunities